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Meet Bec + Kara,  friends with a mission and all round super cool chicks from Melbourne's West.

Kara is a mum of two, insert coffee to go, is also the creative mind behind My Mindful Year Pliary (Planner/Diary) and experienced Public Speaker. Kara, loves all things Authentic Brand Marketing & is the Go To Collaboration Specialist who can nail a FlatLay! 


Bec is a mum of two with a love of coffee, donuts and all things pretty. She was once, shhhh, lean in closer…. yes,  it's true, was once… let's put it kindly… social media “challenged” so she went off and studied a diploma of Social Media Marketing.  Bec has a thing for content creation, algorithms, strategy and don't get her started on hashtags!

These gals are all about connecting small business to social media.  As Social Media and Authentic Brand Marketing Specialists they bring with them a wealth of knowledge, creativity, expertise and strategies to take your business to the next level, allowing you to compete on a bigger playing field.


Their mission is simple, to deliver complete integrated Brand and Social Media Marketing Solutions.  Designed to improve overall brand awareness, social media strategy and online presence with real and actionable goals, turning your vision into reality. 


Working from conception phase to extract your ideas, values, beliefs, passion, vision, your 'why', maximise your magnetic force to implement a variety of effective strategies to build your social media brand and help you communicate your true story sharing within your core purpose and reason.  


They are passionate about providing packages and customised solutions that are attainable for small business and surety of focus where it belongs: On Quality. 


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