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Why you need Tik Tok in your 2020 Social Strategy!

Is Tik Tok part of your social strategy for 2020?

We think it’s worth considering. Tik Tok is the fastest growing app in the world at the moment allowing users to have fun, get creative, using music and dance.

With more than 500 million monthly users, 66% of users being younger than 30 and users spending more than 52 minutes on average a day on the platform. This Chinese app is exceeding Facebook, Instagram, You Tube and Snapchat in the app store for downloads, and is having a huge impact on the social scene, so you can see why you need to be considering this platform.

You might be wondering what content you can be producing, why you need to be worried about another social channel, or whether the platform will be suitable for your audience. It’s something we all ask ourselves right...including us. But here’s what we know……

- It pays to get active on social platforms in the early stages so you aren’t behind the game later on

- There are a number of service based businesses producing amazing content

- Driving customers and followers between channels allows them to get to know you

- Tik Tok is about having fun so it offers a unique way for you to connect and show more about your personality.

- Product based businesses can showcase their products in a fun, unique way.

- Millennials are actively on this platform and have the highest % in disposable cash

- Parents and grandparents are getting involved and having fun with music and dance

- Big Brands and Celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon to expose themselves to a wider network of following.

- It use to take 7-8 times to engage a consumer to purchase but the statistics now show that it’s up to about 12 points of contact before they engage

- There is not alot of paid advertising on the platform at this very moment

- Sharing fun content shows you are human

- Social Media is about having fun…..forget the heavily curated feeds

- Generation Z are tech savvy and financially smart with where they put their money

- It’s another point of contact and touch point to showcase you and your biz

- So what does that look like for you?

- Standing out in an overcrowded platform or industry means showcasing product and services uniquely.

- Tik Tok allows you to create short clips to showcase your product or service.

- Why not educate a wider audience about the services you offer, how you do what you do, tips, product range, styling, use of a product and so on.

We’ve been trialling the platform { @social.conxn on Tik Tok} and have had some great fun with it. We’ve found some amazing photographers sharing many photo tips, grazing platter businesses showcasing how to put a grazing table together, products being shared, all with fun and humour added in.

Tik Tok is not so much excelling in the “engagement” yet, but the content is getting seen and exposure because the #FYP (For You Page) is organically shown to you as a feed, allowing people to see your content and double tap. Their engagement rates are lower than Instagram and Facebook BUT with so many people sitting on the app daily, it’s a great way to show something quick and funny to all. We all know we can enjoy a scroll and not engage with people on Instagram or Facebook so this is an ideal to show content without the worry of comments and high engagement etc

Chinese restaurants have been encouraging users to “create” a variety of their dishes with different ingredients which in turn has driven foot traffic in store for users and consumers to create Tik Toks on how they do this, giving the restaurants organic exposure.

Consider downloading the app and seeing what all the hype is about. Scroll and check out the content people are producing and then try your first Tik Tok. It doesn’t need to be perfect cos sometimes the fact it’s silly, not perfect or a mistake makes it even more engaging. Just remember not to take yourself too serious on the platform because it’s all about having fun.

And before you go thinking “i can just use my sales style video” remember that algorithms are set for a reason so loading pre made content works against you at this very point. It’s good to use at certain stages but the important part is letting people see you and get to know you and your personality….not be spammed with product every post.

So, with all of that in mind it’s time for our crazy tribe to give it a go and join us in a fun Tik Tok challenge. Head to Instagram to find out more.

Have fun creating lovelies.

Kara & Bec


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