• Kara & Bec

Is humour insensitive during a crisis?

We think NO, controversial we know but here's why....

With so many people consuming such heavy content at the moment and lots of us getting overwhelmed by all of the information online about this crazy Covid world, we have continued to share humour on both ours and our clients socials. And the response has been great.

There is differing opinions on this one, but the response to light hearted humour is bringing smiles to many faces...and that's exactly what we all need right now. Yes lots of us are overwhelmed and struggling, so you need to be mindful of how your community is feeling and what they will relate to when sharing.

As isolation has co

ntinued for many weeks and we endeavour it will for many more, humour is a good way to lift spirits, make people laugh, increase engagement, have some fun and relate to how others are feeling.

Ensure that the humour and light hearted content is not insensitive because everyone is managing the best they know how. Some people are relishing in insolation, others really struggling and you obviously won't know how someone is coping on that particular day. 

Showing up in stories is also a good way to share humour and show that you are on this journey with them and feeling all the feels. We often talk to clients about getting vulnerable with your audience.  Some people do, some people don't, but by getting vulnerable it really builds a connection to your community and in turn builds loyalty and trust.  That way, when you are sharing humorous content they know more about your personality and understand the context in which it's shared.

So, share a funny meme, create your own, share a laugh, a joke, have a laugh at your own expense because the impact on making others smile will be bigger than you'll ever know if you don't. Our clients are getting some of their highest stats on their humour content at the moment. What are your stats and analytics saying about what your community is liking and engaging with?

Have fun sharing and we can't wait to see you put a smile on our dial with your funny content.

Much luv, Kara & Bec x


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