• Kara & Bec

50 Shit Ideas for lockdown!

Ok, so now we have your attention, we thought we would help a fellow biz babe out. We can’t give you any toilet paper but what we can give you is a list of 50, yep 50 ideas to keep you busssssy and focused on the things you can control while we are in lock-down.

1.Review your analytics for the past month.

2.Review your goals for the year up date if needed due to current climate

3.Review and adjust your strategy/plan accordingly to be relevant and taking analytics into consideration.

4.Review your core biz values

5.Rewrite your biz mission statement.

6.Review your digital assets - could they do with a refresh?

7.Create a list of 30 content ideas for stories, videos & posts

8.Write captions to go with these ideas.

9. Schedule these but leave spots for spontaneous posts.

10.Create 10 IGTV’s that add value to your audience.

11.Create a list of blog content ideas for the next 12 weeks.

12.Write the blog posts & schedule.

13.Clean out your fridge - creative ideas always come to us when we do mundane tasks.

14.Ask for testimonials

15.Create digital assets for testimonials

16.Tidy up your inbox like a boss

17.Write ten texts/DM’s to check in your biz buddies. Keep communication and connection going.

18.Create a check list or template your audience would find helpful

19.Clean up your apps on your phone.

20.Clean up your photos on your phone

21.Go through your subscriptions in your iTunes account and save $$ we’ve all forgotten to turn off a few at times

22.Research apps that will help you with creating content or useful in your business.

23.Clean out your linen closet - creative ideas always come to us when we do mundane tasks.

24.Write a list of five businesses you would like to collaborate with in the future.

25.Engage proactively with these businesses

26.Put together your pitch email to these businesses

27.Take these relationships offline and FaceTime/Zoom to discuss.

28.Create assets for the collaboration.

29.Spend an afternoon making nutritious meals to have ready to go for the next 5 days.

30.Lift your DM game and create a strategy/plan around how to make it work for your business.

31.Talk to three businesses that have the same audience as you and organise an Insta Stories take over to cross promote businesses - community over competition.

32.Organise a biz buddy catch up zoom with a couple of small biz owners to support each other.

33.Drive to beach, take your shoes off and go for a walk on the sand for an hour – self-care matters.

34.Create a play along template in Canva to use in your stories and encourage others to share.

35. Unsubscribe from unnecessary marketing databases

36. Create a strategy for nurturing your own marketing database

37. Write 5 newsletters adding value to your database

38. Create a VIP offering

39. Update your website with a fresh look

40. Work on your website SEO

41. Have an online co-working day with biz colleagues

42. Catch up on any admin paperwork you have

43. Get organised for tax time - your future self will thank you

44. Do a puzzle as a family to stay connected

45. Read a business or motivation book for inspiration

46. Have a play with Tik-Tok to create some light-hearted content to lighten spirits.

47. Do some colouring, you’ll be surprised what creative biz ideas come through colouring and creativity

48. Rearrange the furniture in your house to give a fresh feel

49. Clean out old files of your computer

50. Stay Positive & connected – remember this too will pass.

This should be enough to keep you going and ensure you keep your brain active as mental health is important too.

We, like many of you are working from home with young kids at our feet so please don't put any added pressure on yourself and your family that is unnecessary.

If you are struggling and just need a virtual chat or virtual wine then reach out, we are all in this together.

Much luv, Kara & Bec


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