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40 Ways to Market Your Biz for FREE

Hey there small biz Mumma, how you holding up?? Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read our wonderful blog and tips below. We hope they are a big help.

Marketing your business can be overwhelming….we get it. We get so many people approach us regarding a Social Media Marketing Strategy or Plan and when we ask about what other marketing strategies they have, they look blankly at us and say “nothing”.

When you go into small business you’re expected to know everything, the finances, selling, product, service, admin, social media, accounts, tax info and more. And it's simply overwhelming when it's not necessarily an area of expertise. There’s no doubt that marketing is an imperative aspect of your business and social media is just one component of that. Please do not get confused to thinking that Social Media is your sole marketing channel.

Marketing can often feel like a clay target, moving at rocket speed through the air while we try and clasp at it, trying to keep up with it is like a roller coaster ride. But when we break it down and identify a number of effective marketing channels that people should be using, it really can be quite simple. Time consuming, but simple. When you are passionate about your business and want it to succeed you should be utilizing all channels, and not focusing on just one like Instagram, or Facebook individually etc.

Marketing doesn’t need to always cost money, there are plenty of free avenues so try use a mix of them all. The best way to market your business is on a small budget though, because you’ll work harder to talk about what you are passionate about….your business. The higher the budget, the more money you spend, the less responsibility you will take. It’s that simple.

Here are a number of channels you should be working on:

1. Create a Facebook page (Facebook is not dead, like it or hate it personally, you NEED to have a business presence)

2. Create Instagram account

3. Create a website – seek a professional (we can recommend people if you need) but if on a budget you can build a basic website yourself at a low cost or free.

4. Create a Pinterest profile – so many people search inspiration, party ideas, fashion, home decoration (it’s endless) so sharing content on this channel is important

5. Create Twitter – you can share Instagram posts to twitter just to have a presence

6. Create a LinkedIn Account – this is important for service based business, it’s like Facebook for professionals

7. Share information on your personal social channels about your business

8. Brochure or pamphlet into local suburb houses around your business area

9. Tell your friends via phone or email, asking them to spread the word

10. Send personalized thank you cards to your customers to add a personal touch encouraging them to return shop

11. Have a blog feature on your website to share your expertise, why not get some people to guest blog for you

12. Join Facebook groups to share, inspire, connect with other people. Don’t forget other business people are your potential customers too and are more inclined to support fellow business owners

13. Ask people to write you a testimonial or review (use it as social content too)

14. Give loyal customers additional VIP discounts to ensure they return

15. Offer free initial consultations – for service based businesses this is a great way to build the initial connection and an opportunity to tell people who you are and what your business is about (FOR FREE)

16. Attend local networking events, build relationships with local business owners

17. Attend large scale industry events and talk to others in your industry

18. Support or sponsor a local sporting or community club

19. Nurture your mailing list – offer them something to encourage them to give you their email address. Do not just sell to them, make sure you add value, offer special discounts, inspire them, get vulnerable and personal with them

20. Support another small business by sharing on your social channels, to your mailing list

21. Create a Facebook group to share and inspire people – building a community vibe

22. Create a promo video to share on multiple channels, social, website, with friends, email

23. Start a podcast or be a guest speaker on a podcast

24. Do an Instastories/Facebook stories take over for another business or account

25. Create a Tik Tok account, have some fun and get creative

26. Create a YouTube channel – repurpose your content on a variety of channels

27. Write a press release and email it to PR companies or online news channels

28. Create a challenge on social channels which encourages people to share (brand awareness)

29. Do a Giveaway / Freebie / Promo

30. Set up Google My Business Page

31. Ensure your Facebook business page is linked on your bio in your personal page

32. Look at Facebook Marketplace as a channel to sell product – depending on your demographic

33. Put a poster or brochure up at a local community centre

34. Do a special offer for local mums in a 10klm radius

35. Buy Swap & Sell Facebook Groups are good for low price point items – research and know your demographic and if they are buying from these groups

36. Business Cards – get creative with them so they stand out at events

37. Volunteer your product or services for charities

38. Collaborate with other small business to expand your network

39. Write an article or a guest blog for a complimentary business

40. Branded promotional items – great way to for people to remember you

With so many more ways to market your business these are just a small snapshot of what you can be doing (as a start). Yes there are so many which can be overwhelming but concentrate on a couple or set yourself a daily task to get some done. There is no better time than this time to get started marketing your business because with so many businesses struggling at the moment, there are lots of free ways to share your business.

There are some important aspects to think about like who your demographic is, where are they sitting, what is your product or service price point because these are just a few of the things that will impact the way in which you market your business.

So, that’s enough from us, we’ll leave you with to get busy marketing your business. The most important thing to remember is HAVE FUN WITH IT and don’t make it a chore.

Happy Marketing, Kara & Bec

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