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30 Kickass Content Ideas to grow your socials

You’ve got a social media business account on either Facebook or Instagram (or maybe both) and you constantly struggle or wonder what you should be posting. Ahh it’s the bain of our existence. We constantly have people saying “I’m not sure what I should post” or “what do I post and say?”.

You’re not alone, do not worry bout dat.

We also understand that you, along with us, get stuck in a content writing block. We get that too. But how often do you reset and review content ideas, or see something on socials and think “what a great post” I should have done that. Do you save someones post for inspiration?? You should be. We don’t mean copying the post because you should have unique content to you, but if you find something interesting think about how you can tailor it or customize it to your business and brand and share it authentically.

So, because we’re your Biz Besties we wanted to share with you 30 Kickass Content Ideas to inspire you and give you all the help:

1. Share your favourite book

2. Tell them the history of your business

3. Tell a personal story

4. Share a tip

5. Review a product or service that compliments your biz (not your own)

6. Take them behind the scenes

7. Do a time lapse of your day

8. Create a BTS video of how you wrap your packages to send out

9. Post a testimonial from a client or customer

10. Host an interview on IGTV

11. Re introduce yourself to your community

12. Answer frequently asked questions

13. Feature a fellow small business

14. Tell a funny story

15. Create a meme (branded of course)

16. Ask people how they found you

17. Talk about a challenge you’ve faced

18. Host a flash sale

19. Run a competition

20. Talk about why you love your business and the purpose

21. Thank your community to their support

22. Share a blog post you’ve written directing them to your website

23. Ask your community for recommendation on something you love

24. Tell people about what you sell or your services

25. Do a tutorial relative to your product or service

26. Host a competition with a number of other small businesses

27. Offer a VIP Discount code

28. Ask your community to find you on another social platform

29. Recommend a podcast you love

30. Ask your followers for recommendations of other accounts to follow

There really is an endless amount of topics and things you can cover. There is a month’s worth of ideas for you (if you’re posting every day) but longer if you want to plan out over time.

Remember the caption needs to be engaging and try a mix of short and long text to ensure they stay on your page and read the information…..this will reward you in the algorithm. The good thing with this list of Kickass Ideas is that once you’ve worked through them, you can then start again from the top and go again. Just ensure you're changing the topics, features, recommendations etc.

Ahhh yup we see you nodding your head thinking YASSS thanks gals. Ha, we always got your back.

So, off ya pop and get planning. We can’t wait to see you all bringing these to life. Feel free to tag us so we can see you and engage cos we always up for supporting a fellow small biz owner that’s giving it a go.

Enjoy, Kara & Bec


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