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29 Days 29 Ways to get kicking some Social goals!

Ok the kids are back at school and it’s time to get crackin’, we’ve loved soaking

up the summer with our little loves but we are so ready for what 2020 has to

offer. If you are reading this it means you are serious about making socials work

for you and you can’t wait to take action, so let’s get into it.

These are just some basic things you can make sure are working for you in


1. Set yourself a style guide: this ensures you have consistency across all

platforms, marketing tools and content produced when it comes to the look and

feel of your brand.

2. Update your bio’s and about sections: it’s time to freshen these up, you have

seven seconds to impress. It needs to standout and build connection from the

time they land on your page. A good bio should let someone know who you are,

what you do, include a call to action, a link and we love a branded hashtag in

there too, don’t be afraid to add personality, emoji’s and add line breaks for easy

reading. Oh, and make sure contact details are all current – you’d be surprised

how many peoples aren’t.....

3. Profile Pics: make sure these are current and or feature your Logo – keep

these consistent across your platforms and make sure they are crisp and clean.

4. Find your audience: this is key – get to work, RESEARCH, RESEARCH,

RESEARCH!! You can’t create the right content if you have no idea what they

want and the type of content that motivates them to engage and connect. And

remember quality over quantity EVERY TIME.

5. Invest in a scheduling tool: this will help you not only save time but allow you

spend quality time relationship building. Life changing – we promise. We use

Plann/Planoly and schedule in FB Pages. #notsponsoredjustafan

6. Set yourself some goals for socials in 2020: setting goals will help you define

your strategy and creating content – one of our goals is to continue to build and

nurture an engaged community, increase email subscribers

7. Set your content pillars: no more worrying about what to post when you set

your pillars or themes to build content around. One of our pillars are to educate

our audience with tips and tricks on socials. One red hot theme for a lot of brands

in 2020 will be user generated content.

8. As part of your 2020 strategy we recommend you pick one to two features of

each platform to use really well, educate yourself around them and just start to

use them – you will get better every time you use them. Hot tip: Insta Stories and

DM’s are where it is at in 2020. Video content on LinkedIn is also going to grow.

9. Know your times to post: there is no one fits all when it comes to times to post,

this can be found in your analytics and by testing.

10. Be consistent: don’t go MIA stick to a posting schedule it might be daily or 4

times a week, whatever you choose for your brand is ok, just educate your

audience about it. Show up in stories on a daily basis.

11. Educate yourself when it comes to understanding your analytics: these are

your besties when it comes to understanding what content is resonating and

what’s best forgotten and adjust your strategy accordingly.

12. Set yourself up with insta worthy images across your socials: you don’t need

to spend a fortune, you just have to know how to use your phone well and use

good lighting. We know Leah Ladson is hosting a how to use your phone to create

content workshop in Feb so check this out. We invest in professional photography

usually twice a year and believe it’s worth the investment when it comes to on

brand images. Don’t forget when using other people’s images, always credit them


13. Create a list of CTA’s: a call to action is used to encourage engagement,

prompt to take another step in the client/customer journey – research/test what

works best for your brand and start to use these, we often see so many brands

not making the most of these.

14. Create 3 groups of 30 hashtags to use on Instagram:while hashtags are only

part of your overall strategy they still deserve to be recognised and believe it’s

worth the effort to research these for your brand if you want to grow your account,

increase followers, engagement and clients/customers.

15. Video, Video, Video: it’s not going anywhere, it’s time to get comfortable with

the camera and start producing video content. Remember we all have to start

somewhere and before you know it you’ll be a superstar at it. You got this!

16. IGTV: again this isn’t going anywhere so it’s time peeps to work out what

content your audience wants to see from you and how you can better serve them

through this part of the platform. Remember it doesn’t have to an elaborate set up

to get this going just start.

17. Insta Stories: if you aren’t on stories you are doing your biz a big disservice,

such a great way to connect and build relationships. It’s time to embrace this one

and get out of your own way and just do it!

18. TikTok: yikes it’s growing at a rapid pace so get in and get educated on how

to make this work for your brand. It’s a great way to show off your brands

personality. Stay tuned for some coming from us, we love this platform and can’t

wait to get creating some fun content.

19. Long and Short form of caption writing: 2019 we saw longer form of caption

writing rise and peeps are loving it, we expect this will grow in 2020. Don’t make

every caption an essay but slip one or two longer ones in the mix per week and

see how that works for your biz and engagement.

20. DM’s and PM’s: are continuing to increase so it’s time to consider how your

biz can better engage with your audience in this way. It’s a great way to build

relationships quickly and reward those who are taking time out their day to

communicate with you.

21. The next point continues on with communication: if people are taking time to

engage with your biz on socials in any way for the LOVE of donuts PLEASE

schedule in time to reply. One, DM’s play a role in the elusive algorithm and two,

its polite and seeing engagement is key it’s a no brainer that you should be

actively attending to this.

22. Strategic stalking is totally a thing: find yourself a couple of accounts where

your target market is sitting and engaging, turn on notifications and get active.


23. Use your highlights: this is a fab way of getting someone to spend more time

on your profile, so simple, right? Great way to show what you do and get more

miles out of your stories.

24. Collaborate: this is a win/win for all parties and a great way to increase reach

into new networks and increase brand awareness. We have seen some amazing

collabs in 2019 and some not so good ones, make sure you do your research and

communicate effectively to ensure it’s a great outcome for everyone.

25. This kind of seems a no brainer but we see a lot of feeds that just sell, sell,

sell or have no brand personality. Social media is there to have fun with amongst

all the hard work. Make sure you are letting your personality come through and

schedule some fun posts in there that let people get to know the real you (quirks

and all) and you’ll find your biz becomes more endearing and you’ll be rewarded

with real connections.

26. Influencer Marketing: You’ll need to do your homework really well when

finding the right influencers to work with. You’ll need to set your goals and the

outcome you expect to come from using this type of marketing. Research who

influences your audience, are aligned with your messaging, has REAL

engagement and followers and can create quality and authentic content. This is a

big topic and you can expect more around Influencer Marketing this year so stay


27. Want to add more than one link in your bio on Instagram: Have a look at

Linktree where you can add multiple links and best part it’s free.

28. To Facebook Live or not to Facebook Live: We still think FB lives can be a

great way to share content, you just have to get creative and think strategically

about the best ways to use it, it’s relevant just ditch the yawn worthy content.

29. Last point, if you are feeling completely overwhelmed or lost on socials don’t

go MIA, reach out and ask for help. That’s what we are here for, we want you to

enjoy your socials and shine.

We introduced new services towards the end of 2019 and believe we have something for everyone and their budget so don’t hesitate to send an SOS.

Have fun, create fun and enjoy the fun on socials in 2020!

Bec & Kara xx


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