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5 Simple Marketing Tips To Get You Started

For those of you that follow us on Social Media you will have seen that we hired ConXN Assistant. We welcomed Shannyn to our team at the start of July and she has been powering through the long list of work we had for her. Shannyn is a Marketing Graduate who was looking to get into the Social Media Marketing industry and we couldn't be happier with how she has fit into our work style and punching through the load.

You may have also seen we just got back from a week of work and meetings in Bali and we left our client and client engagement in her capable hands. And when we say capable, we received calls from clients to say she did a wonderful job so that's all we can ask for. The fact that our clients love her now too just makes our heart full. It's always hard to welcome in new staff members and wonder if they aren't going to fit culturally with you and your clients but we knew when Shannyn approached us it was a good fit.

So, based on her graduating from uni with a marketing degree and the fact she told us she loves to analyse businesses and their marketing we thought what better way to introduce her to you than with a little blog sharing her golden 5 Simple Marketing Tips.

Read below....we think she did a great job.


5 Simple Marketing Tips

Sometimes we get caught up spending so much time working in our business, we neglect to spend time planning and setting ourselves up for success the best we can. To ensure you are getting the most value out of your time and resources, here are a few simple and easy marketing tips for your business… big or small… that you can get started on TODAY.


Your target market are the people you believe will purchase or utilise your product or service and are essentially who you are making your content for. There would be no point of creating content that does not suit or relate to them and also will be a waste of time and resources. Having a clear understanding of your target market will ensure your audience is going to relate to your message, which increases the likeliness to engage, purchase and be loyal to your business. Start off by writing down a brief description of your target market and also create a few examples of consumer profiles identifying gender, age, location, interests and other potential personality traits your target market may have, which you can utilise your analytics to help narrow down your audience. Whenever creating a new product or service and creating content, come back to your target market description and ensure that it is suited to them. Sometimes you may even find over time your target market may evolve, so make sure you are updating this as your business grows.


Your point of difference is what differs you to your competitors and what is unique about you and your business offering. Some examples of these could be your price point, customer service, quality, locally owned, handmade or your product/service could be completely unique themselves. Whatever it is for your business, find it and make sure your target market is aware of your point of difference and focus on this as a main selling point. You also want to make sure you are delivering on your point of difference because there is nothing worse than a business not following through with what they are promoting themselves to be.


Analytics… the magical numbers of your business. Thankfully, most social media platforms provide stats that are already calculated for you to use (who has time to calculate these themselves anyway?) that are fairly easy to access and understand in order to gain a greater insight into your content performance and engagement. Ensure your social media accounts are set to business profiles that way you have access to your business analytics, which are usually completely free depending on the platform. This will allow you to analyse HOW your audience is engaging with your content and WHAT is performing. Explore what styles or types of posts are gaining greater engagement and try understanding why your audience is engaging. See if you can notice any trends with your top performing posts and then adjust your future content around your findings and always make sure you are always checking your analytics on a regular basis. It is also super important to make sure you are posting a variety of different content and post types to make sure your audience won’t get bored.


No small business wants to go out and spend a fortune on paid advertising and sometimes may even get no return. Generally, people are more willing to buy from businesses that are recommended or followed by their friends and family, which means nothing is better than old fashioned word of mouth. Before diving into paid advertising, it is best to understand what content works for your target market and organically gain your followers and engagement. To do this, you could look at potentially running a small competition or collaborating with another non-competitive business with the same target market as you in order to gain organic exposer to each other’s audiences. By building genuine relationships with other businesses and your audience, you will build your brand loyalty and awareness which will then increase the likeliness of somebody to recommend/purchase your business or products.


Today’s people want to access information easily and they want that information…. Well let’s be honest… NOW. This means if your page or website is difficult to use or your consumer cannot find the information they need before booking or purchasing your product/service, they will most likely go somewhere else. An easy way to test if your website or social media page is user friendly and conveys the right message is to find a fresh set of eyes (preferably somebody you don’t know) of somebody who fits within your target market and get them to complete a few tasks or find commonly sought-after info. This could be to find certain key information on your website such as pricing or to order/book your product or service and see what feedback they have and if they had any issues completing any tasks. Something as simple as changing the colour, position or wording of an element of your page can make a great impact and potentially increase your leads or sales.

Breaking things down and outlining some of the basic elements of your business can potentially be super helpful for your future plan and business strategy. Defining your target market and point of difference, utilising your analytics, growing your business organically and ensuring your consumer have easy access to your business offerings are super easy tips that will help set you up for success.

Thanks Shannyn we think these are great tips above and know that our community will enjoy reading them.

Looking forward to the next one ;)

Cheers, Kara & Bec


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