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Instagram has crashed!!!

Instagram has crashed!!!

Say whaaatttt….Again! Oh god, how friggin annoying. Let’s spend the next hour scrolling facebook and twitter to find out if Instagram is down and wonder what the hell you are going to do with your business for the day, keep refreshing your phone every 2.5 seconds and then just let the panic take over.

Well no it hasn't crasehd, but now we have your attention we wanted to chat about this exact thing. The world recently went into melt down when Instagram crashed and lets be honest, who doesn’t refresh their phone 2586 times per minute to see if it’s going to work again or if your newsfeed will reload. Ha….we’ve all done it. But the difference for some is that they have other channels to engage with their audience….like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, their mailing database and a number of other marketing channels. You see, you don’t own your Instagram following and therefore should NEVER….we mean NEVER rely solely on just one social media channel as your marketing strategy.

We’re not gonna lie, when Instagram crashes it’s frustrating for us too. We have to ensure all of our clients are informed that their content will not be posted until it is back up and running again, but our biggest frustration is when we talk to people that don’t have any other marketing or communication channels.

We recently spoke with someone about how they planned to launch their product and their answer “Instagram” so when we asked what other marketing strategy they had, their response was “nothing”. Arghhhh it is a frustration that we hear all too often. Your business should have a holistic approach to marketing where you have a presence and nurture your consumer, clients or customers a number of different ways. Why? Because you don’t own your followers on any social platform so when and if that platform ever shuts your account, closes, crashes yadda yadda you must ensure there are other ways that your customer can see or hear you.

So when you’re freaking out and putting all of your energy into Instagram selling your service, your online fashion, product or whatever it is you are an expert in, just remember you need to have a multi pronged approach. Don’t get caught short, freak out and get yourself in a state of overwhelm wondering where do the hell I start.

In light of that, we thought we’d share a few things you NEED to be incorporating into your business and marketing strategy:

  1. Facebook….yes your engagement and following may potentially be less than Instagram but you need to have content so when people go looking for you it mirrors what they see on Instagram. And let’s face it, if you are putting out engaging content with strategy and/or something that’s unique, don’t worry you’ll get seen.

  2. LinkedIn….are you a service provider? You need to consider if your demographic is sitting on this platform. Professional Services, hell yes those kinda people are sitting there waiting for you to share valuable info with them. Write a monthly article to share.

  3. Email Marketing…..don’t think it’s for you? Haven't thought about doing this? Well you’re wrong and you should be. These people are your warm market and majority of them are screaming loyal fans as long as you aren’t selling to them every single time. Offer value, insights, share information, tips etc. We are a fan of a monthly basis because to be honest we all get 37849 emails a day so you want to make sure that people look forward to receiving your information and not just DELETE DELETE DELETE. Nurture these people, make sure you value them and engage with them.

  4. Pinterest….one of the most underrated platforms we think going around and one you will find us building this year. If women are your demographic where do you think they go for styling tips, outfit inspiration, DIY inspo, home organization, recipes and lunch box ideas blah blah blah. We are big ones to stalk Pinterest ourselves, with 20 private boards going for party inspo hehe. So get creating and make sure your content is branded so people see your website or logo and know where to find you. Need some help, we can put you in the right direction with a fabulous biz mumma we know.

  5. You Tube…..the most searched media platform in the world outside of Google. You don’t need to be doing high end video content, sometimes just a basic tutorial, styling, sharing information or even a chat or interview is great.

So next time Instagram craps out, your business won’t. You won’t spend the next 2.5 hours refreshing your screen and freaking the F*** out, you’ll be comfortable knowing you have another marketing channel and/or you can be working on that avenue to nurture your tribe somewhere else. Hey, you might be pleasantly surprised.

And like that, we just dropped a lil useful tip and insight right there for you all via our Email Marketing list….ha, see what we did there. We shared, we offered value and we nurtured you through something you might not have already been doing in your business. But, hey, we are like that. We love to share, we love to support, help and watch our tribe grow and flourish. We those kinda gals. So go give it a try and let us know how you go.

Hope you all get through the school holiday mayhem or down time that you are taking….we doing the slow working weeks with kids.

Much luv, Kara & Bec

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