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Keeping your audience engaged on Insta Stories

Remember when Instagram launched Insta Stories in 2016? Now Stories is used by 500 Million People Daily.

Stories are a fun way to get discovered and connect with your followers. Stories are great for growing engagement, brand awareness, building the know/like/trust factor, encouraging the next step in the customer/client journey by driving traffic to your website and another way to increase your sales/bookings. They allow you to get creative and have a whole lot of fun creating them.

Do you feel like you are getting lost in the sea of content out there and struggle to stand out and get noticed? Yes?

Are you planning in advance about what kind of content you’ll be sharing and how your Stories will flow? No? Well it’s time for you to start strategically creating authentic, engaging stories that drive attention and most of all action.

We thought we would share three tips around stories, 10 Apps to help you stand out and over 30 content ideas to get you started!

1. The great thing about stories is that they are just that….stories! An awesome way to share real-life stories and like other stories they need to have a Beginning - letting people know what you are sharing(context) simply explaining/showing what your story is about.

Middle - what’s the intention of your story - the theme educating, sharing, relatable, showing, inspiring, or entertaining your followers. It’s all about connecting with your followers and delivering what you intended to and the Ending - wrap up, re-iterates the message and has a clear CTA that reflects what you want people to do after watching your story.

Example Beginning - I’m going to educate you on Insta stories - Middle - shares tips and tricks - Ending - Get people to send you a DM if they want 30 days of story ideas.

See how each of the three parts of the story fulfils a distinct purpose? Try not to waffle on (that can be tricky), try to keep them short and sweet, you don’t want to lose peeps.

We recommended having a maximum of 3-4 Instastory topics per day with 6-8 clips per “story” topic. This will ensure that people stay engaged and aren’t “exiting” your stories….or swiping forward.

2. We’d love you to create highlights (you can easily create some great looking covers in canva) and customise them to suit your brand/biz. Here you can store your stories to extend their life for people to check out when they land on your profile. All yassss for this feature, it’s definitely worth the time to do this. You go to all the trouble of creating these amazing stories so you want people to be able to watch them long after the 24hrs.

3. Utilise “all.the.things.” ahhhh the overwhelm is real! Boomerangs, superzoom, rewind, locations, mentions, hashtags, gifs, polls, questions, music (if you are lucky), count down… you get it. These are all super fun and allow you to add personality, fun, & create eye-catching stories. Take time to sit, experiment and learn how to use these features, you will be a pro in no time!


1. Mojo: These animated templates are all editable with over 40 templates to choose from and 50 fonts to pick from, music can be added and can be shared to any platform. We like how easy this app was to use. Simple but can create some great looking stories. We will definitely keep using this one for a consistent look.

2. Story Art: This was one we will be using again also, so many fab static templates. They also have animated templates, plus highlight covers. Very reasonably priced and would really help with creating a consistent look for your brand. Loved this app.

3. Story - stories for Instagram:

This app was so simple and easy to use, can be used for Insta, Facebook & Snapchat. A fairly good range of free templates to pick from, images or video & you can add your logo.

4. Unfold: Has a great minimal feel to it, but not as many templates as others.

Feel there are so many Unfold templates floating around in stories, it’s good to try something different. Can add images or video. Simple and easy to use.

5. Stories Edit - by Planoly

This is a newbie, ohhhh!

Stunning templates, you can enter in your hex codes for a cohesive look with branding. Loved that you could add shapes and it had other great editing options. Little more time needed to get the hang of all the features but worth it. Not as many templates and fonts to pick from as other apps. What we didn’t love, no video or logo can be added but it’s only new, so sure it won’t be long before these are added, we have given some feedback to them regarding this.

6. Instants: This is a fairly good one if you are after super easy animation. Can add logo and hex codes & filters. Would’ve liked more templates to pick from.

7. Kards: This one is ok, very similar to Unfold templates but can’t add a video.

Limited free options. But liked the look of some of the templates and it’s easy to use.

8. Uniq: Really liked this one, lots of options and not the same old looking templates. Great for images and video. Can’t add hex codes or logo which is a bummer. But think you guys will agree it’s a goodie if you tried it.

9. Story Luxe: Over 280 photo and video templates that you can access for $4.49 a month. There is a limited free version which I like! Has a good variety and they look great. Worth a play.

10. Swish: A must get!! This is really cool, you can use for all socials and stories and it’s so easy to use and has video, high-quality exports, and MUSIC!! Love this one.

So there you go, this is just an honest review of 10 apps that can help elevate your brand on stories.

30 Instagram Story Ideas


Share a template (this or that)

2. Share how you came up with your biz name

3. BTS – how you prep for a Monday

4. Time Lapse of part of your day

5. Create a poll

6. Tour of your office (even if it’s your kitchen table)

7. Mini-Interview

8. A new welcome message to store in highlights

9. Cross promote your social media platforms

10. Foodie Friday – share your fave food account

11. Q & A

12. Freebie for your Story watcher only

13. Insta Story Take Over with another biz/brand with a similar demographic

14. Self Care – what works for you

15. Share a win/challenge you have had this week

16. Show something you are working on

17. Explain what you do and why

18. Boomerang your lunch

19. Share your fave local coffee shop – add location

20. Talk about something new that you learnt this week

21. Life/Work Hack

22. Drive traffic to your website

23. Use the count down feature

24. Share what your fave spot in your house and why

25. Talk about a hobby you have outside of work

26. Solve a pain point

27. Ask for feedback or recommendations

28. Share a productivity hack

29. What are you up to on the weekend

30. Share a biz/brand that you love

We hope you found some of this helpful. Remember everyone starts somewhere so have fun and don’t forget to engage and keep those relationships growing, connection is what it is all about.

Feeling stuck or have a question. You can email us or shoot us a DM on socials, we are here to help.

Bec + Kara x

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