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10 Top Tips for Creating Calm in your Biz

We’ve implemented a few changes in 2019……which means we won’t end up in a mental institution. It’s been life changing….

2018 was a big year for us and after a really challenging time with a client at the end of the year we knew we had to make change. Actually we’re grateful for the shit time we experienced because it taught us a lot about ourselves….and we’ve implemented some life changing things to our worlds. You’ll be surprised with the results.

But now, it’s that time again when the kids finish the school term and throw us working mummas into dis-array and routine goes out the window. And….of course it always happens when we just feel like we are getting momentum and a little work routine. So, when the tantrums start, when the pantry is empty, the kids are fighting and telling you they are bored, it’s time to cut yourself some slack and be a Mumma. #guiltfree

We, as Biz Mummas (and mums in general) give a lot and are always cramming too much in our day. We are expected to be the taxi, the nurse, the counsellor, the negotiator, the chef, the cleaner, the bookkeeper, the secretary……and the CEO of our own businesses. The list goes on. Yes sometimes it gets too much and if you’re like us, sometimes you end up a little teary, rocking back and forth in the foetal position.

This year we decided to take the control back and not put too much pressure on ourselves. We started off with a slower January and February, so we could enjoy transitioning our kids into kinder and school, and reassured ourselves that we deserve it. We deserve to enjoy these small moments without falling in a heap at the end of the week or losing our shit on a Tuesday at the kids because we were too exhausted. Most of us small biz owners work crazy amounts of hours (wee into the early morning) for ourselves because we have a passion and purpose in life, as well as affording us the flexibility to work around our kids. But lets be honest, when you’re in the thick of work, burning the midnight oil because hey, that’s biz mumma life, sometimes its easy to get caught wondering why you do what you do, or guilt for missing things, guilt for not paying the kids the attention they need and so on.

So on that note we want to share a few tips with you for what we have implemented in 2019 to ensure our weeks run a little smoother and we don’t end up in a mental institution.

10 Top Tips for Creating Calm in your Biz Mumma World

  • Wake up 30 minutes prior to the kids. You will be surprised how much more organized you will feel when you do this. Even just giving yourself a little time to have a coffee in peace

  • Five Minutes of Mine #fiveminutesofmine is something Cat Sanz (@catsanz) has been advocating and inspiring us with so we’ve implemented this with a morning coffee and meditation before kids wake up

  • Have a shower, pop your essential oil diffuser on and put a relaxing playlist. This has helped us start the day in a much more relaxed mindset

  • School Holidays/Weekends - Sleep in and have a slow morning, because like our kids, we need the downtime as well.

  • School Holidays: If like us you have an open relationship with your clients, they all know we are working mums so are open and flexible with working hours during this time or if we need to make appointments they are flexible with having the kids at our meetings. And if your clients don’t appreciate this then maybe they aren’t your type of clients. For this we are grateful so thank you to all of our clients that understand these biz mum needs.

  • If you have to set your “out of office reply” or “auto reply” on emails to advise your clients/customers that “you are currently working flexi hours due to school holidays and will respond within a 24-48 hour timeframe”. This sets some boundaries and educates your tribe about what you will and won’t do. Value your time as a mumma.

  • Phone down time after school. It might just be that initial 30 minutes when you get home to give the kids your undivided attention and get homework out the way….or even a little play activity to connect.

  • We’ve implemented the “bedtime” function on our iphones. It’s a simple reminder to go to bed at a reasonable hour to get the right amount of sleep. Who hasn’t got caught on their phones scrolling and found themselves down the black hole of Instagram or 10 pages deep in hashtags. Ha. We know it’s a simple one but it really works.

  • Be strict with the above for at least 2 weeks because at the start it might be a little hard to implement but the more you get confident to implement and follow your own rules and more it becomes the norm.

  • Value Your Time and Worth – this is probably the biggest one. It has taken us a few years as well as a few business challenges and some tears to really appreciate our own worth and time. After a huge end to 2018 with a really “icky” situation with a client it was at that point we said F*** THIS, we value ourselves more than that and what we give our clients.

By valuing yourself you’ll have the confidence to implement boundaries and in turn ensure you have clients that value you too.

These may be some basic principles and steps to implement but what they have done for us has seen a much smoother, calmer and enjoyable start to 2019. These above tips as well as enjoying Phone Down Friday is life changing for us.

We might not be growing rapidly, hiring 10 staff members or doing a lot of huge events but we decided our mental health was much more important than becoming the biggest in the biz. Don’t worry for those of you asking or wondering about what events we are doing this year…..there are a couple of big and exciting ones coming. We pride ourselves on doing 1-2 signature events with a difference so that’s what we are currently working on fine tuning. You’ll be the first to know.

Have a fabulous weekend and make sure you take the time with your kids this school holidays to enjoy some time being present with them. We certainly will be.

Have a fabulous Easter also.

Much luv, Kara & Bec x


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