• Kara Vaina

The Social Media Black Hole?

Are you getting lost in the black hole?

Yes it’s a thing. It’s a big black hole that so many get caught in. It’s the Social Media Black Hole. It’s the hole that finds us scrolling a Facebook newsfeed, getting inspo from Pinterest, watching You Tube videos for content inspo, watching and becoming addicted to Instastories, pushing on hashtags, then another and another and before we know it, we are 2 hours deep into the black hole and lost productivity.

It doesn’t matter if you’re experienced on social media or are just starting out, it happens to all of us. And, it’s frustrating AF at times isn’t it? Cos at that very point when you realise you are down the dark hole, that time is wasted and you could have actually just done a post, uploaded some content, nailed that admin task, updated your website or even reconciled the accounts. Eeekkk

How often are you doing that? Daily? Morning and Night? Weekly? We know you are so let’s set some goals around how you can avoid.

1: Allocate 2 x 30 min block a day to scroll and engage. The word “engage” being key. Don’t just scroll, make sure you’re engaging so you’re being seen.

2: Turn your notifications off so your phone isn’t beeping every 30 seconds and distracting you. If you have a large Insta account you may have to check your notifications regularly so they don’t disappear though.

3: Write daily tasks and to do list....this will help you stay focussed with the work you need to get done but also add on there some items for what you want to achieve with your socials that day. Is it engage with 5 new people, find 3 new hashtags to engage with.

It’s easy to say “I don’t know what to write” or “I don’t have time to post” but when you break up the time slots in your day to stop you getting caught in the black’ll find time.

It’s all about productivity, cos let’s face it majority of us biz mums or side hustle owners are multi tasking like a MOFO. So the more we implement a strategy behind what we actually do on socials and within our business , the more will get done.

With that in mind, be conscious of what your doing, how long you’re spending watching Instastories, scrolling Pinterest for some inspo or flicking through Facebook at crap you’ll never need, want or use. Select strategically what you want to look at and set a timer. Then it’s back to work, nailing that To Do List and smashing out some money making activity.

It’s like taking a torch with you through the black’ll actually see where your going.

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