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Is Your Service Selling YOU?

You’ve got a good product, you offer a great service and you are nailing your socials but something isn’t working right? Does your brand message and service live up to what you portray on social media?

Social Media is a wonderful thing when it comes to graphics, beautiful pictures, a gorgeous product and some key hook in words. But there is nothing worse than engaging in someones service that just doesn't meet the expectation set by them.....on their social media.

We are strong believers of never over-committing and under-delivering because our service, execution and delivery to our clients is what keeps them coming back. Did you know its easier to convert an existing client than converting a new client. Eeeekkkk. Its ok to be realistic with your consumer and set realistic expectations because when you don't and you can't deliver it leaves a bad experience and you don't want that being the message of your brand.

So often do we see on the big wide web, social media or good ol' fashioned marketing that "I can guarantee this" or "I'll deliver this by this time" but when you engage their services or purchase from them they simple just don't D-liver.

Think about the time you walked into the a retail store and the service assistant just wasn't interested in serving you or what about the time you purchased online and they promised you would receive your purchase on the same day, but sadly you were still sitting by the front door waiting for your purchase at 8pm that night. Only to receive it the next day. It's frustrating isn't it? Its a frustration that many consumer's experience and vow never to purchase or set foot in store again because of the experience. Aaaannnnd...we all know how "word of the mouth" plays a huge part of business.

So in light of that here's some Tips for delivering a truly amazing experience:

- If you can't deliver when you say you can....then don't offer it.

- Be realistic in the expectation you set for your consumer. If your workload is heavy then explain the turn around time may be longer at this stage due to workload. Give them the respect they deserve because they have to plan their workload and expectation too.

- Communicate with your customer or client and keep them in the loop. When our workload increases we simply advise our clients that due to A, B and C we will be doing this or we are unavailable today as we are doing this. Our customers respect that communication and transparency so it builds loyalty and trust.

- Its better to under-commit and over-deliver. There's nothing better than expecting work completed in 7 days only to receive it earlier. Who doesn't love that. Its like when you build a house....they tell you 12 months but it takes 16 months. Argggghhh kill me now. BUT....what if they told you 16 months was the timeframe and could deliver a finished house within 12. Wow, just wow! Your experience with that company is all the better.

So now you're going to "pinky swear" to yourself and your customers and clients that you WILL deliver when you say you will and that you will under-commit and over-deliver. Go nail that delivery promise and set realistic expectations and your customers will L.O.V.E you for it.

We got your back. Kara & Bec


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