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How To Launch and Boost Your Business with Affordable Influencers

It’s the problem that most start up businesses face….can I afford to pay a celebrity to speak about my product or business on their social media. Majority of people just don’t have the disposable cash to do this yet it’s a question we get asked often.

The discussion should not be “I want to pay a celebrity for a sponsored post” but it should be who can I build relationships with. Third party validation is a thing…..yup it’s a real thing. Think about it this way. When you go and see a movie you’ll often see one based on what your friends say about it and the same goes about eating at restaurants. We all work on third party validation so influencers work exactly the same way but it doesn’t need to be that you mortgage your house to do so.

Micro Influencers can be just as affective as their audience is generally very engaged and its more intimate. When Kara, one half of Social ConXN launched her side hustle last year, My Mindful Year she built the launch simple through collaboration and micro influencers and with great success. Social Media has created tribes on all platforms where followers hang on every word of their tribe, where loyalty and trust is build and where recommendations are happening every second of the day that people are responding to. So why not use it to your benefit.

Here are our recommendations for working and leveraging influencers to work with your business or product:


Find people who have similar demographics or customer avatars as you with followers under 5K and make contact with them. You can look at Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, You Tube, Snapchat and Facebook….do your research of where your demographic sits in relation to platform.

Some may charge but the fee will be smaller than the larger accounts (obviously) and/or some will be happy to do a product swap or simple be happy to do a collaboration but make sure its beneficial for both parties.


A lot of people overthink how to make contact with an influencer….whats the worst they can do or say? Really its nothing to fear. The worst they can say is no or not answer you but you’ve lost nothing at all. In fact you’ve gained the balls to simply just make contact and the drive to want to keep going until you connect with the right one. Send them a PM via a social media platform or even an email if they have their email readily available on their account or website. Research them a little before sending them a message and know a little about them and/or their business so you can show them you know what you’re talking about and you are engaged in what they do. Pay them a compliment (who doesn’t like a compliment, it goes a long way). Tell them you have a product that you feel is very aligned with their brand message that would be a good fit for them and would love the opportunity to partner or collaborate with them.


Don’t be afraid to think outside the square because great marketing campaigns come from something that is a unique offering. You may try to stay within your industry e.g if you are in the beauty industry you may choose to look at beauty bloggers who are building their following but remember…..dare to be different because there are many other industries that have your demographic. If you are selling baby clothes then you may choose to look at businesses or influencers that sell to mums because they are ultimately the ones buying the product so don’t be too narrow minded.

Tip – think differently to others because everyone is trying to have a competitive edge. Kara collaborated with a variety of businesses who’s demographic was women aged 25-45 (broad avatar) across all industries including people who sold baby clothes, who were in the health and mindful space, and even beauty bloggers because again they are women who are purchasing product.


This can be one of the best places to find micro influencers and its certainly how Kara connected and built many great relationships. If you’re one of those people saying “I don’t have time for all these Facebook groups” then find 1 or 2 to get active in. Mums with Hustle is a fabulous one (obviously for mums in business as the title suggests) but they have daily threads where people are very active and collaborate, share blogs, promo and much more. SO if you aren’t in that group…..get your butt in their toot sweet.

We can’t emphasize enough the need to be active in a few Facebook groups. We don’t mean posting, selling and spamming these groups just about your product, we’re talking about commenting on a post, ask a question (no question is too silly in business cos someone else has always been in the same position as you), answer a question, offer advice. All these things get your name out there, get you known, give you credibility and build relationships.


Know that you may not get it right on the first go, expect that some will say no BUT keep going. The more you do it the more you will find what works for you and who has the same values and vision as you. Its like anything in life….practice makes perfect. Don’t be discouraged just keep on going but always stick to your vision and your why and be polite. Like most things in business we are always trying to refine what doesn’t work or duplicate what does so learn as you go but take the step and be aware of the learning. You never know what can come of it.

Your values, vision and your why should be your number one driver at all times so don’t fall off the beaten track in search of something bright and shiny otherwise it won’t work. Building relationships with influencers can take time but when you get it right it can be effective. Think of it this way in a worst case scenario…..if you send a $50 product to 1 influencer who has 5000 followers and you get 3 sales and 200 new followers then the Return On Investment (ROI) has been totally worth the time because its given you sales you didn’t’ have, brand awareness and new followers that are truly interested in what you do so they become your tribe. Business is about connecting with people, building trust, loyalty and friendships because these are they people that will be recommending you.

So give it a go and let us know how you go, we love hearing about your journey.

Have an awesome week, Bec + Kara

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