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It's no secret, we're known for helping others grow their business on socials through creative campaigns, connecting people, supporting you and making this small biz world a whole lotta fun. Why? Because ConXN and Support has the power to grow your business whilst building a tribe and community of people that are going through the same thing and always have your back.


Small Biz is an ever changing landscape and one that we aren't always prepared for. There are so many components of understanding your business and constantly juggling working IN your business and ON your business. Our mission for 2019 was to implement a focus on Mental Health so we have prioritised self care strategies and spending time on ourselves as well. So often do we get caught up working IN our business , juggling work, kids, social events and many other things that we forget to spend time on ourselves. That's why we are excited to bring to you Biz Mumma & ConXN Bali. This 5 day retreat is a time for you to work ON your business, get inspired, creative, learn with a balance of self care, some down time and investing in YOU. 

We are taking with us an intimate group of women who are wanting to grow, learn, have some down time, connect with other like minded biz babes to find that creative spark that might be missing so you come back re-energised, ready to take your business forward..


We are bringing with us 3 amazing speakers who, along with us, Kara & Bec will be talking you through some key topics and getting you to strategising and actioning your collaborations before you arrive home back in Melbourne. You'll get allocated private consults with each of our speakers so you can customise your learning, specifically to your business.  

So let us introduce you to three AMAZING speakers who will be sharing all of the goodness with you to keep you ahead of the game.....and your competitors. #yass. We have Emma McQueen, Business Coach who you all know and loved from our Growth & ConXN Event, Karlie Plowman, Founder and SEO Specialist from The Techno Bird and the fabulous Leah Ladson, Photographer and all round legendary nice human. 

In the competitive world of small business where everyone is trying to be seen and wanting to launch, grow, scale, market, create amazing content, stay ahead of trends and offer a unique service or product it's imperative stay ahead of your competitors. 
So, our guests will be talking digital marketing, SEO, growth strategies, understanding your business, social media, IGTV content creation, executing killer collaborations, and so much more. This retreat will be jam packed with work, as well as a healthy balance of sunshine, pool time and a little shopping (if that's your thang).


What You'll Get:

  • 5 Nights Accommodation at Hotel Kumala Pantai, Legian

  • Breakfast & Lunch Daily

  • Airport Return Transfers

  • 1 Dinner at The Mulia, Nusa Dua

  • 1 Dinner at La Laguna, Canggu

  • 1 Dinner at Sardine, Canggu

  • 1hr Massage

  • 4 Day Workshop

  • 1hr One On One with Karlie Plowman

  • 1hr One On One with Emma McQueen

  • Photoshoot with Leah Ladson

  • 1hr One On One with Bec Stenner

  • 1hr One On One with Kara Vaina

  • Post Retreat Accountability Group

  • Good Bag of all the things

What's Not Included:

  • Flights...some of you may want to extend your stay so we will leave it for you to book when the fabulous specials come out.

  • Travel Insurance.....this is an important one you'll def need but it all depends on the length of stay. 

  • Alcohol/Drinks......this allows you to drink as much or as little as you like.

  • Shopping/Spending till you drop or spend time by the pool relaxing, it's up to you.

  • Taxis/Transport....scooting around the shops or from place to place. These are cheap, usually around $5 pp


Want to know a little more about our speakers and what they will be talking about and sharing with you? 



EMMA McQUEEN, Business Coach, Founder of Emma McQueen

Emma is a Business and Leadership Coach with more than 20 years of experience predominately focused on
inspiring, empowering and nurturing women in business and in leadership roles.
When women find themselves starting out on an entrepreneurial journey, growing a bustling small business or even
heading up a large team of employees, it is not uncommon to hear them speak of the highs and lows of their
journey.  From the challenges of integrating family duties with business responsibilities to the excitement of securing a
new deal or achieving a long-term milestone.

It goes without saying that this journey is often demanding and sometimes lonely. Emma McQueen’s greatest passion is
helping women in business, whether it be female entrepreneurs in new start-ups, lady founders, mums at home with
bustling small businesses or executives in senior leadership roles.
As a company founder, director, wife and mum of three gorgeous children, Emma understands exactly what it is like to
juggle multiple roles and stay focused and motivated in all areas of her life.  Her approach to coaching is driven by a
sense of empathy and understanding for those she works with.

After helping so many aspiring Australian women Emma knew the next step in her career would be to dedicate 100% of
her time to helping and coaching female entrepreneurs, founders and leaders.  Hence Emma’s practice evolved from
small beginnings to what is now a thriving coaching, training and leadership development business.
Emma has worked with a range of clients from the Salvo’s Stores, Simplot through to World Vision Australia, the
Marketing Academy.  Emma is a certified Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership (IECL) coach, a certified Hogan coach, a
member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and has experience on several boards in non-executive


KARLIE PLOWMAN, SEO Specialist, Founder of The Techno Bird

Karlie Plowman is the founder and 'chief bird' of Techno Bird - a boutique website design and SEO consultancy business. Karlie is a mother of 2 children and works full time from her home office in Kyneton - so as a mother herself, she knows exactly what life is life when starting a business whilst raising kids including the challenges, the ups and downs, the unknowns, the sacrifices and also the joy it can bring.  Karlie is super passionate about helping small businesses, start ups, women & mums in business to build their own businesses and thrive online. Karlie is highly self-motivated, very transparent in all areas of her business in terms of service offerings, advice and tips, and shares a lot of gold nuggets for all things web design, SEO and digital marketing via social media and her Facebook group. 


Techno Bird was founded in 2013 where website design was the sole service and focus - very quickly though, Karlie saw a gap in the market for helping home businesses/solopreneurs/mums starting a business and new small businesses when it came t understanding the importance of good website design and SEO; many of the clients Karlie was working with felt very uneducated, somewhat isolated and lost when it came to helping to grow their businesses online, especially how to get found on Google. 


It was then that SEO Consultancy was added to Techno Bird's services - this includes Website & SEO Auditing, Website Training, Keyword Research and other SEO services which are highly popular at Techno Bird. 

To find out more about Karlie and her services head to

LEAH LADSON, Photographer, Founder of Leah Ladson Photography

Leah is one of Australia’s emerging go-to photographers for Commercial and Branding photography, as well as a recognized Wedding & Family photographer too. Leah’s work has been seen in several National & International publications as well as adding ‘Author’ to her belt in 2018 being a co-writer for the book “Weddings, Weddings, Weddings”. Leah wears several hats in her business, she is a Photographer, but also offers mentoring to start-up businesses, as well as being the owner/found of regional group ‘Girls From The Go’ which supports regional women who run their own business.

I can honestly say, I think photography chose me. I remember being as young as 10 years old looking through the car window and pretending that when I blinked my eyes I was taking a photo. As soon as Mum trusted me enough to use her Fujica STX-1 SLR camera (Yes, film!!) I was all over it. My first ever job was at a camera shop where I would work 3 hours on a Saturday and with the $18 I earned I would spend it on new film & developing my photos.

I studied at La Trobe University in Bendigo and started my business in 2008. Up until 2015, I was solely shooting Weddings and Families, but after many years of curiosity about Commercial photography, I decided to take the plunge and haven’t looked back. We all know the cliche saying “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life” – and as corny as it sounds, I am one of those lucky ones.

So there you have it, a snapshot (‘scuse the pun!) of how this LLP journey began. 

KARA & BEC, Social Media & Collaboration Specialists, Founders of Social ConXN

Meet Bec + Kara,  friends with a mission and all round super cool chicks from Melbourne's West.​  Kara is a mum of two, insert coffee to go, is also the creative mind behind My Mindful Year Pliary (Planner/Diary) and experienced Public Speaker. Kara, loves all things Authentic Brand Marketing & is the Go To Collaboration Specialist. Bec is a mum of two with a love of coffee, donuts and all things pretty. She was once, shhhh, lean in closer…. yes,  it's true, was once… let's put it kindly… social media “challenged” so she went off and studied a diploma of Social Media Marketing.  Bec has a thing for content creation, algorithms, strategy and don't get her started on hashtags!

These gals are all about connecting small business to social media.  As Social Media and Collaboration Specialists they bring with them a wealth of knowledge, creativity, expertise and strategies to take your business to the next level, allowing you to compete on a bigger playing field.


Their mission is simple, to deliver complete integrated Brand and Social Media Marketing Solutions.  Designed to improve overall brand awareness, social media strategy and online presence with real and actionable goals, turning your vision into reality. 

The value for money business retreat is like nothing you will have experienced.



Emma McQueen
- Launching your business correctly
- How to scale effectively 

- The right mindset for growth 

- Private consultation for your business

Kara & Bec
- Building the Like/Know/Trust factor

- Social Media Strategy  

- Facebook Ads

- Executing Collaborations

- IGTV Content Creation

Karlie Plowman
- What is SEO
- How to make your website SEO friendly
- Driving traffic to your website

Leah Ladson

- Visual storytelling

- Flat Lay content creation

- Photoshoots





  FROM $1997 PP



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When YOU join us at Biz Mumma & ConXN you WILL GET actionable things to implement in your business, real life CONXN, strategies, a 


as well as time out to focus on your MENTAL HEALTH & WELLBEING

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We're not gonna lie, its an action packed retreat, so you're going to need to come 

prepared (don't worry we'll help you with that)...we will be sending through a checklist of things to ensure you are prepared and ready to go. You're going to be INSPIRED, LAUGH ALOT, REJUVENATE, GET CREATIVE, HAVE TIME OUT, WORK ON YOUR BIZ,  CREATE CONTENT 
You'll walk away with so many 

collaborations, strategies and ideas that you'll be

bursting with excitement to grow your business and bottom line.





Do yourself a favour and invest in your business. You will walk away with confidence, knowledge, strategies and real authentic relationships or even a new biz bestie. 





FROM $1997 PP

This IS for YOU if:

- You are growing your personal brand, service based or ecomm business. 

- You are unsure where to start when launching or scaling your business. 

- You want customised support to take to your business to the next level
- You need some down time to focus ON your business not work IN your business
- You want to learn SEO, Facebook Ads, Collaborations, Social Media Strategy

- You are open and ready to learn and grow

- You want to be inspired with customised consultations

- You want to be in a room of like minded women who have passion

- You know that this retreat is an investment. 

This ISN'T for YOU if:

- You are not prepared to challenge yourself and your thinking. 

- You don't have a positive and abundant mindset. 

- You want everyone to do the work for you. 



- Can I come to the retreat alone? Hell Yeh. We will welcome you, make you feel comfortable and get you linking arms with other biz owners. 

- Is this for any type of Business? No, this is for all businesses. Whether you are looking to grow your brand, product, ecomm, service based, profile, blog etc all the strategies offered will suit you as they are customised and we'll get you linking with other businesses to grow. 

- I'm an introvert and get overwhelmed in groups. This is an intimate group of positive women so you will be in a room of positive high vibin welcoming women who all have a passion for Women Supporting Women.

- I'm not sure I can afford the money? The value for money is like nothing you will have paid or experienced. A 5 day retreat for only $1997 #saywhat as well as including accomodation, meals, guest speakers and more....oh and it's tax deductible. You are welcome to pay in full up front or monthly instalments 

- It's a busy time of year and not sure i can fit it in my schedule. Yes small business land is always a busy time and we certainly appreciate that, so that's why we are cramming so many amazing speakers into this biz mumma retreat so you can get so much done as well as have some time out. 
- Are tickets refundable? Unfortunately tickets are not refundable however you are welcome to sell/transfer the ticket should you not be able to attend.
- Are flights and travel insurance included? We think it's best you book your flight so you can book a time best suited to your budget and schedule.  

What everyone says about our events

We love to offer unique events so you aren't bored with attending monotonous events like any other typical event. Ain't no one got time for that. Oh and we will not have you falling asleep in your chair or checking your watch wondering when it's time to leave. See below for what people have said about our previous events.